The Situation:

It is currently 2070.

In 2040 Eternity.8 was made commercially available. This procedure literally stops the ageing process. The corporation that developed Eternity.8 claims that it grants immortality and eternal youth. The procedure does not make you younger, and it is not intended for initial use by over 35s, as their bodies have already deteriorated beyond the point where Eternity.8 will be maximally effective.

Earlier versions of the procedure were trialled in the 20s and 30s with monstrous results, according to test subjects whose non-disclosure agreements have recently expired.

Initial tensions emerged in the early 40s, most notably between those who were unable to afford Eternity.8 and the product’s über rich consumers. As time went by, the tensions escalated from the personal to the global. Now, no area of human society is unaffected.

This wiki represents the following specialists’ research and perspectives regarding the history, procedures and tensions relating to Eternity.8:

The Game:

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