Abraham Knife

Sir Douglas Abraham Knife looked to the Population control measures of 1960s China for inspiration for his 2067 work about Global Growing, 'Gently Tread We'.

His recommendations included the following

  • minimum age of 18 years for first (hetero)sexual experiences;
  • a maximum number of births per mother;
  • federal government administration of a system of permits for exceeding the maximum number of offspring; where parents whose paperwork is fully processed prior to the conception of their additional offspring would be entitled to free or heavily subsidised education and healthcare; and
  • punative action against those who exceeded the maximum number of births.

Additionally, Knife suggested a shift away from hetero-normative print and broadcast advertising and a normalisation of depictions of same sex relationships in television shows and movies.

Knife believed that these measures would at least mitigate the worst of the fuel and food shortages, to prevent a recurrence of the famine of the 2040s.

- Anthea Johnston

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