Ampleterium has become a critical resource in the modern era following the proliferation of new cryogenetic compounds on the global market. This vital molecule is essential in all cryogenetic compounds, as it is a key catalyst of controlled genetic mutation.

Discovered in the year 2011 by the well known biologist Dr John Weatherly, Ampleterium is exclusively found in certain glands of the Bottlenose Dolphin. Weatherly discovered that when Ampleterium was directly applied to the human genome, radical but stable changes could be induced in individual chromosomes. Although Weatherly suffered an untimely death in a vehicle accident in 2014, his work was taken up by Dr Ellen Birkenhaus who is considered the founder of modern cryogenetics.

Supplies of Ampleterium began to dwindle rapidly in the late 2030s due to massive over-fishing of Bottlenose Dolphin stocks. This led directly to the conflicts of the early 2040s known as the Dolphin Wars.

Pachydermis Lubulous

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