An emotional and/or spiritual reaction to the administration of the Eternity.8 compound; particularly noted in the first wave of Eternalists, who were not subject to psychometric screening.

An unexpected outcome of the first successful administration of the Eternity.8 compound was the widespread experience of Anguish among the first wave of Eternalists. Characterised by an overwhelming sense of freedom, Anguish led to a number of horrific (and highly publicised) tragedies at the hands of the Eternalists, including the Bern Massacre and the Kyoto Incident. The public outcry over these incidents did not just question the ethics surrounding the Eternity.8 compound, but also raised doubts about the very nature of humanity when freed from mortality.

Following these incidents, all prospective Eternalists were required to undergo intensive psychometric screening, intended to prevent all but the most psychologically stable from receiving the Eternity.8 compound. While not entirely successful, this screening did reduce the number of Anguish incidents and prevented the Eternity.8 compound from being banned by the United Nations.

Zoran Cephalus

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