Eternity 8's handling of apoptosis1 has lead to some rather interesting side effects. Instead of just preventing cells from dying, Eternity 8 produces a constant cycling of cells; actively removing old and defective cells and producing new cells to replace them. While of no consequence in muscle or endothelial tissue, in the brain this is very interesting.
The first effect is that Eternity 8 can be used as a treatment for many types of neurological disease, from schizophrenia to brain damage resulting from physical trauma. The eternity 8 treatment removes the defective neural circuits and patches them with functional cells, curing previously untreatable diseases2.
The second effect is still theoretical, though long term research is being performed on this, and is referred to as Longevity Related Character Drift. LRCD involves long term alterations to personality due to the replacement of neurons by Eternity 8. It is theorised that a 1000 year old eternalist will be a fundamentally different person to the one that originally received the treatment3.
Also of interest is the conflict between these clear demonstrations of monist reality and the folk dualism that still characterises most peoples thinking about the mind.

1: For the full definition see here.
2: People often ask why, if this is the case, did Genevieve Queen die of "Acceleration". Firstly she most likely did not, her case seems more consistent with a case of sporadic Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD), though until her family release medical records we will not know. CJD is not treatable by Eternity 8 due to the non-cell based nature of the disease. Acceleration it's self was due to failures of the nano-robot control systems.
3: I am currently working on this, and the first preliminary publication should be due around 2100.

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