Art Eternal Movement

The Art Eternal Movement (or A->) is a group of projects aimed at producing works designed to be experienced over an extended period. It started life as an offshoot of the Perpetual Wellness Doctrine (PWD), proposed to fight theorised emotional and social retardation in Eternity.8 users. Many current projects are intended to last decades or centuries.

Typically the artist themselves maintains creative control but other projects allow cumulative public input to shape the work. These are most commonly carried out over the internet but recently there has been a push by tourism boards for local artists to create works that can only be contributed to by means of physically visiting the art piece.

Alternatively, there are those projects that rely on an autonomous agent, an artificial system that senses its environment and acts on it in pursuit of an agenda. Some artists withhold this agenda and task the observer with predicting it.

One of the most famous A-> projects is an autonomous agent piece known as Mutic’s Schitzoroom, located in the Museum of Modern Art. The centerpiece of the room is a cube in which the autonomous agent resides. It has complete control over its orientation, texture and colour, as well as the texture and colour of panels placed across the room's floor, walls and ceiling.

The exhibit has proven so popular that the artist – Stanislau Mutic – was asked to develop a project in Moscow’s Red Square on a larger scale.

Since its inception in 2058 the Art Eternal Movement has included art from a wide variety of fields spanning music, literature, computing, film, sculpture and painting.

John Valentich

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