Asta Graber

Asta Graber (b. 2021 -) was born Maria Graber in Ystad, Skåne County, Sweden. She became a ward of the state after her parents, Jonatan and Anna, were killed when she was 5.

In 1940, Graber was the recipient of the first Xi'Nao Labs sponsored Scholarship for International Humanitarian Studies at Uppsala University. It was at this time that she chose for herself the name 'Asta', deciding to keep her natal surname.

The condition for receiving this scholarship was to maintain a minimum gradepoint average, to agree to undergo the Eternity.8 procedure, and to participate in publicity. Graber accepted these conditions without negotiation in order to have the chance to attend university.

Later recipients of the scholarship have negotiated expiry dates of 20 or 10 years; meaning that while Graber is required to speak out in favour of the treatment and the company on such controversies as the Bremen Riots, the Kyoto Incident, and the Cairo Agreement, regardless of her personal position on these matters.

Although it was not explicitly stated, the Xi'nao Labs were responsible not only for the majority of Graber's political campaign contributions, but also for coordinating her platform and any publicity through sympathetic media conglomerates.

- Anthea Johnston

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