Banal, the

A derogatory term used by Eternalists for those unwilling to undergo the Eternity.8 procedure.

Once the Eternity.8 procedure became widely accepted within society, some of those who had undergone the treatment began to look down on those who were unwilling to do so. These members of the Antideath Movement felt that they had found True Freedom within Eternity.8, and thought that those who equivocated or outright refused lacked the Will to live a life outside the bounds of mortality.

Although the Eternalists made no aggressive actions towards the Banal, many of the Antideath doctrines were concerned with outlining the reasons that Eternalists should rule over the short-lived and how it was indeed inevitable that they would do so. Unsurprisingly, this raised the ire of many of the Banal, including the outspoken pro-death activist Lyra Markwell, who, among her many activities, unsuccessfully campaigned in 2052 to change the constitution of Australia to prevent Eternalists from becoming Members of Parliament.

Zoran Cephalus

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