In contrast to those whose experience with Anguish left them with feelings of hopelessness and destructiveness, some Eternalists have embraced the opportunity to improve the world in which they will spend their immortality.

The Future Leaders Foundation (FLF) conducted research into Anguish, and learned that some Eternalists responded well to hypnotherapy. Subjects were programmed to be triggered by nonsense words or phrases known only to the hypnotherapist and the FLF, and would feel inspired to create works of art or perform services that would beautify or improve his or her surroundings.

Some countries offer subsidies for these courses of hypnotherapy through the FLF; other countries, more interested in limiting birth rate, do not.

After a number of celebrities, including the controversial Sandy Winston, underwent the procedure and spoke about their newfound passion for creating a beautiful world, millions of Eternalists and mortals suffering from Anguish and other depressive disorders took up the cause.

The positive effect on the environment is currently being investigated.

Anthea Johnston

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