Bernard Quindon

Lovechild of economic theorist Abraham Knife and international catwalk model Elena Yuvchenko, Bernard Quindon was given a Neraphrebax inoculation in 2046, aged twelve. He was diagnosed with acceleration three years later and began treatment for the onset of progeria at the Geneticures Foundation in 2051. Quindon was the first person to survive full blown acceleration.

During his prolonged hospitalization Quindon wrote a poetry anthology as well as numerous short stories and essays on the classical notions of immortality and eternity. He ceased writing for five years when he left Geneticures and worked on his magnum opus, published in 2066, the two volume Dichotomies & Attitudes examining the glory and the plight of what he calls the "greatest crisitunity in history". Bernard Quindon has been Poet in Residence at Mississippi University since 2066.

- Glenn Carlisle


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