The Bern Massacre

On Friday 3 July 2043 about 120 armed people from across the USA converged on Bern, Kansas and executed the local population. The invaders then occupied the town, disposing of the bodies on a huge Independence Day bonfire the following day and fortifying their position. This horrific event went undetected for 74 days due to an extensive program of identity theft and other frauds the group had prepared. When the authorities finally reacted to the situation the siege lasted a further 10 days before Kansas State Troopers entered the town on 25 September to find it deserted. Automated perimeter defences and an underground tunnel into Nebraska indicated the Bern Massacre had been a meticulously planned exercise. Initially the computer hacking and distributed logistical aspects of the atrocity briefly focused attention on a mythical artificial intelligence conspiracy theory. However campaigning from the Natural Dignity Protest Movement and fundamentalist religious groups swiftly turned the public outrage onto Eternalists and the new "Anguish" dualistical moralities. To this day, nobody has been charged in connection with the deaths of over four hundred innocent civilians, including 98 school children and 24 infants.

- Glenn Carlisle


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