Adopted for use by devotees of the Art Eternal Movement, bioeffervescence was an effect generated by the cryogenetic compound Cerenesia. An early derivative of cryogenetic experimentation, Cerenesia was initially dismissed as a failed experiment, having no obviously positive medical or genetic enhancement benefits. Its only effect was to produce uncontrollable genetic 'bubbles' of cellular mutations affecting the pigmentation of individual cells. Early test subjects found that their skin would periodically and unpredictably develop brightly coloured blotches, which slowly grew over the course of several years - the process that we now call bioeffervescence.

Many years later, several of those who underwent the Eternity.8 procedure resurrected Cerensia from scientific obscurity, seeing it as an opportunity to creatively explore their bodies in the manner of the Art Eternal Movement. While the bioeffervescence initially created quite positive physical features, akin to the early 21st century practice of 'tattooing', the long term effects of bioeffervescence proved to be quite confronting. Those who had taken Cerenesia became almost unrecognizable as their bodies became a patchwork of different colours. These genetic changes were passed on to offspring, throwing significant weight behind the campaign seeking the sterilization of Eternity.8 users, which culminated in United Nations Security Council Resolution 59928.

- Pachydermis Lubulous

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