Ellen Birkenhaus

Ellen Birkenhaus (16 Nov 1989 - 31 Jan 2038) was considered a prodigy, completing simultaneous doctoral studies in Genetic Neurozoology and Musical Composition at the age of 23 in the Sorbonne. She joined the Advanced Neurostudies Group of Genetech International Research at the personal invitation of its founder billionaire Simon Westerfield, where she was Director of Marine Research. Together with her colleague John Weatherly she isolated the chemical compound Ampleterium and worked for the remainder of her career on developing an artificial substitute. During that period she was responsible for an unprecedented number of advances in the fields of gene therapy and crogenics, many of which contributed to the stability and viability of the Eternity 8 treatment, though her goal of preserving dolphin stocks was ultimately unsuccessful.

She was convicted in 2022 of the murder of Weatherly, after it was proven that she had administered a tailored retrovirus to his system that reduced his reflex response in adrenalin-rich conditions. Weatherly was killed when his antique Ferrari sports car left the racing track at over 200 kph. No motive was ever established, though professional jealousy is considered the probable cause, and Birkenhaus herself never admitted to her guilt. She died in prison following a violent altercation with radical environmental terrorist Eve Fromelles.

- Caleb Wentner

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