Birth Rate

The birth rate among Eternalists is exceedingly low, a fraction of that of mortals. This is largely attributed to the leisurely pace at which the vast majority of Eternalists approach their long lives.

While many have praised the practice as sensible in the face of a ballooning population (the contentious Global Growing issue) and scandals such as Age-retarded children, others warn of a vast economic disparity forming between wealthy Eternalists and increasingly hard-hit mortals.

A typical Eternalist is financially responsible for only themselves and may jump in and out of the work-force as they wish with no fear of growing old and feeble. Conversely, mortals remain driven by pressures inflicted by their unmodified lifespan – to work, marry, have children and support their family.

Critics of Eternity.8 (including some Eternalists) have warned that an elite minority will quickly come to dominate all facets of society, making mortals a veritable poverty class. Supporters argue that such tiers have existed throughout human history, but concede that it is a concern that must be addressed with the advent of any radical technology.

Several proposals to combat this phenomenon have been put forward by notable figures. Gwidir Xidane, winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in 2065 and co-author of the Xidane-Trowbridge Proposition, has campaigned for alternative Eternity.8 distribution methods. Despite the proposition undergoing several drafts, no government has yet adopted it.

John Valentich

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