Boris Aardman

Dr Boris Anthony Aardman invented Laser Gene Sequencing (LGS) while studying for his thesis on nanocybernetics at the Calabrese Genetic Laboratories in Tokyo, Japan. His ground breaking technology quickly became the preferred microcellular delivery system and made it possible for many genetic enhancements to become household names. Inspired to find a cure for his brother’s congenital blindness, Dr Aardman personally developed Second O’Sight®, and he was a founding member of the group which produced Eternity·8. With funding from the commercial applications of LGS he established the Geneticures Foundation in 2047 to continue reasearch and development of therapeutic applications for LGS. Dr Aardman shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2068 with Dr Rachael Bootstropf for their pioneering therapeutic gene correction treatments. He currently works as an advisor to the United Nations Committee for Genetic Non-Proliferation Treaty.

- Glenn Carlisle


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