Bremen Riots

In 2063 the Swedish representitive for the European Parliment Asta Graber campaigned to enact the Xidane-Trowbridge Proposition, claiming that access to Eternity 8 was a clear Public Health right. A special council was convened in the German city of Bremen, where it was met with constant protests by the Pro-Death movement.

The riots started on the when the council announced their findings; that public access to the Eternity.8 treatment should be considered a human health right, and that all European citizens should be assured access to the treatment. The Pro-Death protesters erupted into violence, storming the building, killing multiple Eternalists and mortals, and starting a riot that consumed the city and forced the European Government to declare martial law. Some figures in the pro-death movement have claimed these deaths as revenge for the people who died from the side effects of early longetivety treatments, such as Acceleration.

- Julian Kenrick

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