The Cairo Agreement

Spurred into action by the threat to international law presented by the Dolphin Wars, the global community convened a diplomatic summit in Cairo, Egypt to forge a united approach to the emerging issues posed by Eternity·8. On 1 January 2044 Protocol 2044/1, a broad ranging convention to ameliorate against the effects of the mushrooming uptake of “temporal attenuation arresting vectors”, came into force. International conventions on citizenship, real estate, aged welfare and superannuation were reinterpreted. New standards were struck for inheritance laws, intellectual property rights, and incest. Limitations were placed on all manner of local customs from aristocratic titles to birthday candles. The administration of this single piece of international legislation immediately employed more people than the government of Europe and, in its first week, generated more applications to appeal than were previously recorded in all of history. Antideath Movement lobbyists have successfully employed The Cairo Agreement in their efforts to block, or at least delay, the application of United Nations Security Council Resolution 59928 in many countries.

- Glenn Carlisle


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