Calabrese Genetic Laboratories

The Calabrese Genetic Laboratories were established by Dr John Stevens in 1955 in Canberra, Australia. Their initial purpose was to research fertility in returned servicemen.

When Dr Stevens retired in 1962, the board determined that research into self-replicating nanobots which, theoretically, would be injected into the bloodstream and repair any damage. It was determined that these improvements would be passed along to the patient's future offspring. This research was abandoned as "bad science fiction" in the 1990s, and Calabrese Genetic Laboratories was acquired by the Chinese multinational, Xi'Nao Labs, for a nominal sum.

The labs served as a student research facility, most notably for researchers into longevity and immortality, and its alumni include Dr B. A. Aardman and Dr D. Rodriguez.

Recently, the reputation of Calabrese Genetic Laboratories has been called into question. Scientists quoted in the Banal media, particularly the New Mortal, have implied that the previously accepted facts propagated by Calabrese Genetic Laboratories about Eternity.8 and Ampleterium have been less than entirely honest and have suggested that a transparent and impartial investigation should be undertaken.

Anthea Johnston

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