Carle Jovian

In 2045 Jovian received life tenure at Arizona State University at the age of 32, when the university set up the world's first School of Mortality Studies.

After ASU discovered that Jovian had undergone the Eternity.8 treatment they tried to annul his contract, but Jovian sued the university for discrimination. The case was settled out of court, with Jovian's lawyers agreeing to the University's demands that he continue to publish at a rate that would provide the University with income to subsidise his tenure.

For the first twenty years, Jovian's international lectures and book tours were sold out. After this, critics described his work as 'derivative' and 'a remix of his earlier stuff'. In 2068, however, Jovian's material became influenced by Marxism/Leninism, Stalinism, and Mao ZeDong Thought. He abandoned his research into effects of ageless ageing on romantic and sexual attachments, and began approaching the problem of work from a collectivist perspective.

His most recent lecture tour, Inequities of Longer Working Lives, received massive attention after a recording of the inaugural lecture, made on a mobile phone, was leaked online. Although the lecture was sold out in many countries, actual attendance at the lectures has been poor due to boycotts and general disinterest.

- Anthea Johnston

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