The term chronopathy was first coined to differentiate Eternalists displaying anti-social personality disorders from other patterns of disregard such as sociopathy and psychopathy. It has since been recognised as a distinct syndrome.

The science behind the phenomenon is in its infancy (the first diagnosed case appeared in 2063) however the Perpetual Wellness Doctrine conceived of such an issue decades earlier. Even so, there is little documented evidence accounting for the abrupt appearance of chronopaths in the Eternalist population. It is thought that prolonged exposure to environmental factors triggers the personality disorder. What is not understood is to what extent genetic predisposition plays, if any.

Concerns have been raised that chronopathy already affects a broader slice of Eternalists than its sister disorders and that the psychometric screening process has proven to be an imprecise indicator of likely sufferers. Alarmist groups have gone as far as to warn of a new Kyoto Incident on the horizon, however Eternalists are quick to point out that chronopathy is distinct from Anguish.

What is apparent is that the number of cases is rising, with the greatest increase seen in the oldest bracket of Eternalists. Chronopathic symptoms vary widely between individuals, including such traits as emotional impotence and malignant narcissism, however the most common is pervasive dysphoria.

Treatment is available for sufferers of chronopathy, including Beautification.

Today, chronopathy is another challenge which humanity must face as it embraces eternal life.

John Valentich

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