Criminal Codes

The wide spread adoption of Eternity 8 forced judicial systems to review previous sentencing procedures due to the now radically extended lifespans. This was not a significant issue at first, as eternalists were uncommon and, due to demographic factors, more prone to white collar crime rather than crimes which involved life sentences or the death penalty. However as time has passed the need for revised criminal codes has grown more apparent, leading to attempts to bring the legal systems into line with each other, such as the Cairo agreement.

Two interesting cases of this problem are the persecution of Daniel O'Mally in Texas and the Life Valuation Movement which arose after the Bremen Riots. O'Mally was an eternalist who murdered his parents after they disowned him, and he was sentenced to death by the Texan authorities. He appealed this, arguing that the death sentence was an excessively cruel punishment due to his eternalist status, however the Texans denied his appeals and he was executed in 2056.

The Life Valuation Movement is a collection of eternalists who argue that an eternalist life is of greater worth than that of a normal person, due to the eternalists greater scope for long term suffering and loss of happiness or years of healthy life. Due to this they claim that a crime that injures an eternalist should be punished significantly more harshly than a similar crime against a normal person. Critics of the movement have correctly pointed out that this would establish a separate legal structure for eternalists, and thus contradict the basic principles of modern liberal legal systems.

Julian Kenrick

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