Cybernetic Symbiosis Renaissance

A philosophical movement that emerged in the 2050s; founded on Richard Badenoch's assumption that biotechnical union is both natural and desirable.

One of the more disappointing developments of the 21st Century was the rise of the Cybernetic Symbiosis Renaissance, a philosophical movement promoting the supposed "naturalness" of biotechnical union as a means to transcend the human condition.

There were two major categories of person participating in the Renaissance: the disaffected Banal who sought relief from genetic inferiority through the application of technology, and the misguided Eternalist who sought to take "the next step" in human evolution by “Upgrading”. It goes without saying that both Banal and Eternalist were simply seeking to escape the absurdity of human existence rather than confronting it.

Unfortunately, the cybernetically enhanced Banals proved a significant threat to cyber-free existence; in 2064 the multi-national terrorists known as the Pro-Death Army were formed from their ranks with the aim of eliminating Eternalists and restoring the "balance" of humanity. While unsuccessful in their ultimate goal, they did lend legitimacy to the “Upgraded” Eternalists who were called upon to defend the Antideath ranks from cybernetic assault, cementing their place within the movement.

Zoran Cephalus

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