Daniel O'Mally

Daniel O'Mally was an age-retarded child tried and executed in 2056 for the murder of both his mother and father. Daniel was age-retarded in 2046 at the age of six. His parents abandoned him around 2050 and he was taken into government child custody. His age-retardation was eventually discovered and he was returned to his parents' care in 1953, under court order. Evidence from care workers was used in Daniel O'Mally's trial to establish his use of poison was pre-meditated.

Daniel O'Mally's case raises many questions regarding the right to live and capital punishment, especially whether Eternalists suffer more from loss of life. Age-retarded children have been used extensively in the search for the neural correlates of personality; some claim current evidence would of exonerated Daniel O'Malley's actions.

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