Demographic changes

This suggests that the succession of generations will be obstructed by a glut of the able. As generation after generation reach and remain in their prime for many decades, the young face layers of their elders blocking their path, elders who's peak has become a plateau. Sons no longer surpass their fathers in vigor just as they prepare to become fathers themselves. So we find a new demographic of 'young adults' that remain functionally immature for decades, with no reason to hurry to build families or careers.

This position was strongly developed by Rick Gillian in his 2049 work 'The Senescence of Societies'. Gillian argued that retardation of ageing is another tragedy of the commons, in which the sought for gains to individuals are undone or worse, owing to the social consequences of granting them to everyone. Gillian predicted that a society of individuals that do not age - whose functions do not decline and horizons do not narrow - is a society that will experience its own sort of senescence: a hardening of the vital social pathways, a stiffening and loss of flexibility, a setting of the ways and views, a corroding of the muscles and the sinews. Not only because of layers and layers of elders blocking youthful advancement, but because society would become focused too narrowly on maintaining life and not sufficiently broadly on building a good life.

Gillian claimed that the constant task of initiating new generations of members greatly strengthens society, a task in decline due to the very low birth rate of Eternalists.

- Galen Rightonbark

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