"Dextrolanthanides form the essential molecular hubs of all stable cryogenetic compounds. Nevertheless they remain entirely unreactive with respect to organic chemistry."
Dr Maria Yunho - Forever Barring Accidents

Isomorphous salts of rare-earth elements are frequently named as a scapegoat for the dissociative proclivities of Eternalists. These ideas are generally imagined and perpetuated by vested interests trying to establish a metaphysical link between the vital and burgeoning arena of extended lifespans, and their own special interest pseudoscience. Any reputable psychological research has failed to uncover a significant relationship between dextrolanthanides in cryogenetic compounds and adverse human behaviour. As Dr Yunho states quite clearly in the sound bite which started the dextrolanthanide bandwagon, the heavy elements themselves are unaffected by, and ineffective in, the process.

— Pachydermis Lubulous

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