Dissociation is not an uncommon experience within a typical mortal lifetime. Of concern is the increased frequency with which it is observed in Eternalist populations.

Puzzlingly, there have been cases of persistent dissociation amongst Eternalists with no clear relation to the stress, trauma, neurological disorders or drugs typically associated with the illness. It is linked but not limited to sufferers of chronopathy. Sufferers experience an interruption in self awareness known as depersonalization and/or a sensation that the world has become unreal and contrived – derealisation. Both elicit feelings of helplessness and dysphoria.

Fugue states have become almost commonplace in proto-Eternalists who may spontaneously and inexplicably alter their life with disregard to personal and social expectations. As with the incomplete science of chronopathy, it is uncertain whether these oddities will manifest in subsequent generations of Eternalists who underwent more stringent testing processes.

Psychologist and talk show guru Doctor Gabriel Ngoku insists that we will see a wide array of problems - brought on by prolonged life experiences - that defy present classification and has postulated several undocumented disorders that may arise. Many attempts have made to have Doctor Ngoku contribute to the Perpetual Wellness Doctrine but the man himself has ignored every invitation.

John Valentich

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