Dolphin Wars

The series of conflicts dubbed the Dolphin Wars occurred from the mid 2030's through to the early 2040's, though the exact timing is very hard to date due to the unofficial nature of the fighting. The conflicts resolved around China and the South American Union 's (SAU) attempts to control trade in the pacific, mainly involving proxy wars between South Asian states and the use of privateer forces against rival mercantile interests.

The name "Dolphin Wars" was popularised when China attempted to justify their attacks on Brazilian fishers by claiming that the Brazilian fishers were poaching Dolphins which China needed to manufacture ampleterium for their population. This is a bold faced lie, as ampleterium has been synthesized in industrial quantities since 2020, and the technology to produce it has existed since the end of the 20th century, albeit in a rather crude form. Despite this China received some international support due to the Natural Immortality movement, who claimed that artificial ampleterium is spiritually impure, though they have never explained how.

The Dolphin Wars came to a close after private talks between Chinese and SAU diplomats during the Cairo Agreement, though diplomatic tensions around the trade agreement persisted.

To clarify some other issues that are associated dolphin wars:

  • The shortage in ampleterium in the early 2040s was due to in increase in demand, combined with the closure of Ruttergate Genetics due to ethical violations at their production plants.
  • The crash in dolphin numbers during the late 2030's was due to ocean acidification and overfishing removing the dolphins' prey species (see Dworkin & Jacquet 2041, Dolphin crash: Causes and Myths)

Julian Kenrick

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