Donkey Genes

The holy grail of cryogeneticists, donkey genes (actually a sub-sequence of nucleotides within a gene) are the apoptosis markers deactivated by Eternity·8 and related treatments, according to the theory's supporters. Donkey genes are said to code iteratively for themselves within RNA synthesis and are thus immortal, ironically ensuring a limited lifespan for the host. This apparently paradoxical situation also explains why donkey genes have not been isolated, as to be able to do so would disprove the mechanism by which they are thought to operate. While the cryogenetics community is divided over the truth of donkey genes, this counter-intuitive theory has been a catalyst for some of the field's most successful applications. Dr Duane Rodriguez remains a staunch disbeliever despite the theory's essential role in the early identification and treatment of Rodriguez's Syndrome.

- Glenn Carlisle


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