An ancient philosophy that regards mind and brain as distinct entities; opposed to the reductive materialism of monism.

Dualism has long been under siege from the reductive materialism of scientists who are unable to conceive of anything that does not reveal itself underneath their microscopes. The latest attack on this philosophy has arisen from the work of Dr Julian Kenrick, the self-styled “biological-psychologist”, who has written several articles on Longevity Related Character Drift. A fundamental believer in monism - the idea that mind and personality arise purely from bio-chemical processes – Dr Kenrick has devoted the latter half of his career to investigating “long-term alterations to personality due to… Eternity.8.” (Kenrick, forthcoming)

Although Dr Kenrick admits his theory is still in the early stages of its development, and despite its emphasis upon long-term exposure to the Eternity.8 chemical, several pro-death activists have latched upon the idea to promote the compulsory “Beautification” of Eternalists who display “undesirable” personality traits. The strongest opposition to both Beautification and the monism-based theory of Longevity Related Character Drift has arisen from the dualistic Omegan Church.1

Zoran Cephalus

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