Emergent Sexual Deviance

Surveys conducted in Eternalist populations have indicated dramatic increases in sexual practices commonly held as taboo by the public morality.

Unlike deviance in younger populations which is often equated with the act of rebellion and an assertion of individuality, ESD is perceived as the result of several factors which evolve over the extended lifetime.

Chief among these are:

  1. A progressive desire to explore alternative forms of pleasure;
  2. The attenuation of repressive feelings;
  3. A disregard towards intolerance.

These were subsequently spurred on by the appearance of permissive Eternalist societies established across the globe, widely referred to as Freethought Hubs – discrete communities trying to escape traditional and confining Banal existence. Large numbers of freethinkers (Eternalist and mortal alike) were drawn to these places and they have grown rapidly. Many of these societies are principally (and unapologetically) atheist and make it plain that conservative and religious or otherwise superstitious organisations will find no traction within their populace.

Social conservatives predicted that these communities would fall apart rapidly due to lack of ethical and moral guidelines. Despite these concerns they have thrived. A characteristic of many is a steady transient population and atypical demographic. Subsequently, a filtering affect has taken place in which Hubs earned various reputations, some more notorious than others in their propensity towards distinct sexual preferences and fetishes.

One such Hub, Panbody Five has gone so far as to ban children from its municipality.

John Valentich

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