Empress of Blandings

The longest surviving subject of the Eternity·8 treatment is a forty year old Berkshire sow called Empress of Blandings. She has now lived more than three times as long as any other pig of the relatively short-lived breed. Originally raised at the Calabrese Genetic Laboratories (CGL) where she underwent "Cryogenetic-LGS experiment E10/80-8", The Empress has spent most of her life at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in Hertfordshire, England. During the 2040s she provided invaluable insight into non-aging and earned some celebrity akin to Laika and Dolly. As her physiological divergences moved further and further from normative extrapolation the Empress of Blandings' utility was overshadowed by research into cohort groups such as the CGL quokkas and, of course, human subjects. She currently lives in in Kagoshima, Japan and is the mascot of Kagoshima Golden Boars baseball team.

- Glenn Carlisle


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