Eternalist Dictatorships

The pejorative term 'Dictator' has been embraced by at least one popularly elected autocratic ruler of a Central African nation.

Consider the case study of the Dictatorship of Tchad.

In 2035, a UN Security Council Taskforce, headed by Katie Pettersson (2010-2069), oversaw the first democratic elections in Chad since the assassination of corrupt dictator Jean-Luc Remy. In this election, 28 year old Claudette Remy, Jean-Luc's daughter, was voted to the presidency. The reforms brought about by Remy and her personal militia gained the accolades of the international community, and the title 'Perpetual President' was popularly bestowed upon her in 2039.

The following year Remy and key leaders in her personal Militia underwent the Eternity.8 treatment.

In 2048 Pettersson, then Foreign Minister for Sweden, protested against Eternalists holding public office in perpetuity as she announced her candidacy for the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Remy invested millions in a public relations campaign, pointing out the long term good that could be achieved by a ruler who would be alive to participate in the future that she was shaping - unlike Presidents 'in democracies who often spent four years creating a mess to leave for the next lot to tidy up.'

It was in this article that she adopted the title of 'Perpetual Dictator', saying, ‘If it was good enough for Julius Caesar, who am I to argue?’

- Anthea Johnston

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