About the Eternity.8 Lexicon

This game of Lexicon rose out of an ongoing lunchtime argument:

do you really want to live forever?

Transhumanist and humanist perspectives were cited over countless Boost smoothies, and I had some ideas for some stories. But the background was missing - the world felt empty. And I wanted help fleshing it out.

So, the idea for this Lexicon game was born.

The intention is to play a game of Lexicon and collaboratively create a story world in which any of us can use as a setting for our fiction. Characters, events, fictional places and organisations created in this wiki/game can be used in any individual's creative works (stories, poetry, film, images, etc.), so long as the creator is properly attributed, and permission is sought for derivative and/or commercial works.

The contents of the wiki are protected under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license, with the understanding that any of the conditions of this license may be waived by the creators and contributors of this wiki.
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