Eve Fromelles

…extreme ecological stance has consequences for both the individual as well as society overall.

Case Study
Eve Fromelles (2010-) was involved in numerous environmentalist groups during her university education. She became engaged in the mid-30's with the radical environmental terrorist group Jericho. Jericho went on to play a major role in revealing the ethical mispractrice, that lead to the closure, of Ruttergate Genetics.

Early in the Dolphin Wars, Fromelles was convicted of battering aboard the Chinese fishing ship Juixing Hao and of illegal possession and use of retrofit exo-legs. Fromelles is a particularly interesting case study because of her involvement with a fellow inmate Dr Ellen Birkenhaus, a key driver in Calabrese Genetic Laboratories and one of the founders of Ampleterium in 2011. Fromelles attack and mortal injury of Birkenhaus led her to be further convicted of personslaughter.

- Galen Rightonbark

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