First Movers

The First Movers were the earliest group of humans to leave Earth en masse for a life amongst the stars, blasting off in a privately funded venture in 2053. The 242 individuals – comprised entirely of Eternalists – established a cluster of lunar colonies and industrial complexes on the moon which quickly made them fabulously wealthy, money they used to propel themselves further out into the solar system.

This second expansion, launched in 2061, saw the creation of several Martian outposts. By this stage many thousands of people had joined the new frontier, a band simply known as Movers, employed by a loose collective of trade, manufacturing and scientific bodies – the Ralron Conglomerate.

Opposition from Banal organisations (who were witnessing the birth of a space era completely out of their control) threatened to severe the First Movers' ties with Earth, however at this stage many colonies were self-sufficient and the threats went unheeded. A succession of anti-Mover campaigns (which relied heavily on demonisation) created an upwelling of protests in mortal populations who feared space would become an Eternalist dictatorship. While tensions remained high for over a decade, economic factors prevented such disputes escalating into actual conflict and only a few remnant organisations exist which continue to remonstrate.

Recently, a third expansion has been taking place, with the space-faring population pioneered by the First Movers (and still largely controlled by them) planting the seeds of industrial and research facilities within the asteroid belt, on Venus and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

John Valentich

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