Forever Barring Accidents

The title for the documentary Forever Barring Accidents, produced and distributed by Natural Dignity in 2042, came from an early advertising campaign (“You can live forever, barring accidents”). Dedicated to the memory of Acceleration sufferer Genevieve Queen, most of the film is constructed around an interview from 2033 with a young Maria Yunho describing the current state of genetic technology. This is frequently interrupted by stock footage of vivisection, violent police action, epidemics and natural disasters, all accompanied by a narration of the worst imaginable consequences of the last thing Yunho has said. Although acutely biased in its presentation, the film provides a chronical of the arguments presented against genetic technology and related research up to that point in time. Viewed in hindsight it shows how far the field has advanced in the past thirty years, and how far its opponents have not.

- Glenn Carlisle


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