The Futureproof Foundation

“Committed to the stability and security of the future” - Futureproof Foundation Motto

The Futureproof Foundation was set up in 1986 with the legacy left by Professor Richard Badenoch to his daughter, the controversial Grey-Lived Eternalist, Irene Zanovik.

The Futureproof Foundation appeared to be inactive from its inception until the late 2030's, when it is rumoured to have bank-rolled the later stages of Eternity.8 research. Since Eternity.8 was successfully commercialised, the Futureproof Foundation has taken an active role in promoting the treatment to popular political leaders to “ensure the stability and security of the future through uninterrupted democracy”.

Although firmly committed to the ideals of democracy, the Futureproof Foundation has attracted some criticism from both Eternalists and Banal, who have accused it of being an offshoot of the Freemasons as well as being involved in a conspiracy to stack governments with Futureproof-loyal Eternalists. Particular concern has been raised in relation to the number of UN delegates who are well-known members of the Futureproof Foundation.

Irene Zanovik has denied any suggestion that the Futureproof Foundation is interfering with due political process.

Zoran Cephalus

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