Ngoku, Gabriel

Gabriel Ngoku has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Jean-Luc Remy University of N'Djamena. He first came to the public's attention when he appeared on Channel Eight's Your Future Tonight program reporting on the progress of his own Eternity·8 treatment. His old-world naivety and melodious french-accented baritone were an instant success; and his plausible sounding self-examination of the psychological effects of his treatment fascinated audiences. Taking control of his sky-rocketing career as a celebrity psychologist, Ngoku returned to anchor Your Future Tonight in 2049. The following year he published his first book Eternalist Psychology: The Zettagenarian. It was on the set of Your Future Tonight where Ngoku met his future husband, fellow Eternalist celebrity, Inca Razor. Their wedding in 2060 holds records as the highest grossing and highest rated pay-per-view broadcast of all time.

- Glenn Carlisle


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