Genetic Enhancement

The revolution in human longevity has not, to the surprise of some, opened the floodgates for a radical shift in cultural acceptance of genetic enhancement in physical entertainments, particularly sports. Many critics of early gene-modelling treatments warned against a new generation of super-athletes, custom-bred with physical and biochemical traits that would all but guarantee their dominance within their chosen pursuit.

In the main, however, the fear has been unfounded. International regulators from most sporting codes were able to put in place strict penalties for athletes found to have the genetic markers indicating illegitimate enhancements, remarkably managing to head off a presumed rush of ambitious parents to illegal clinics in countries such as Zambia and the then Democratic Republic of Sao Paolo. As a result few such penalties have ever been imposed, with the spectacular exception of marathon runner Hector Villaraez.

Of similar curiosity is the lack of interest amongst Eternity 8 users in participating at the highest levels of competition, though common wisdom would have it that the users themselves feel little drive to excel when they are able to maintain themselves in excellent physical condition with minimal exertion.

- Caleb Wentner

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