Good Life

Rick Gillian contended that – far from liberating the human race – Eternity.8 condemned it to a slow deterioration by eradicating the forces that condition us to make life special.

The enigmatic blogger Adam Zero (real identity unknown) is renowned for his criticisms of Long-Lived practices and the perceived decline in ethical, spiritual, and philosophical facets in both the individual and society.

Humanity, Zero argues, is cruising into a future where nihilism and determinism rule, where procrastination is king and the world sinks into a “swamp of unsolvable bullshit”. Soon nothing would matter. There would be no right or wrong. Existence would be meaningless and progress would grind to a halt.

Zero and his (or her?) followers maintain that only existence with inevitable and measured boundaries can lead to a healthy and fulfilling life, both for the current generation and subsequent ones.

John Valentich

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