Hate Crimes

Crimes committed against one class of people by another; responsible for 17.5% of all Eternalist deaths.1

Violence will always follow advantage. (Gillian, R. 2037, 'The Truth of All Common Things')

Prior to Eternity.8's commercialisation in 2040, the accompanying media advertisements promised that it would bring democratic immortality, with such puerile lines as "Hey, now, you don't have to wait, be death-free and happy with Eternity.8" and "Now I'm free and happy with all of my friends, do it right now, before it all ends." When Eternity.8 was released on the market, however, many would-be consumers found the cost prevented them from partaking in the promised proletarian immortality.

The realisation that immortality was denied them led to a dramatic increase in ill-will towards those who were able to afford the Eternity.8 treatment. All over the globe, the escalating tension boiled over into spontaneous, uncoordinated and hate-fulled crimes against Eternalists, such as the infamous immolation-attack on the President of Turkmenistan.

The release of several cost-effective Imitation Treatments in the late 2060's has slowed, but not halted the increasing number of hate crimes. There has recently been renewed debate over harsher sentencing for hate crimes committed against Eternalists.

Zoran Cephalus

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