Helmutt Olavsson

…though it's almost certain that Olavsson and the Natural Immortality group could commercially exploit such a process if ever they found it, especially with a subset of would-be eternalists who can be easily convinced of the worth of 'natural' ampleterium as a status good perceived as being of greater utility than artificial and chemically-identical products.

Noted sceptic Robert Underford has, in his recent book, started to call these claims of spiritual impurity 'eternal homeopathy', after the practice of some early 21st century fraudsters who claimed that infinitely diluting a substance increased its effects.

Olavsson is reported to have claimed that this view is endemic to 'dolphin-exploiting corporate syntheticism', and that 'the artificially alive will find death coming to them sooner and swifter than they could ever have imagined'. This statement is now under investigation.

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