Humanism and Transhumanism

The gulf between Humanist and Transhumanist ideologies widened with the advent of Eternity.8.

This is not to say that Eternalists fall into one camp or the other: in fact, both positions are cited by a number of Eternalists as their reason for choosing the Eternity.8 treatment.

Mayor of Calgary, Thom Pierre Despard, wrote in the final chapter of the first volume of his autobiography:

"The goal of life should be to make life better for all humans, and other sentient beings, and the planet as a whole. We should do good and live well in the here and now, and leave the world a better place for the future."

Other prominent Humanists include blogger Adam Zero1, politician Asta Graber and social historian Prof. Rick Gillian.

Because the Cybernetic Symbiosis Renaissance has not affected the lives of most people, there is more sensational media coverage of the Transhumanist ideological position, as their exploits are still generally considered unusual.

Prominent Eternalist Transhumanists include scientists Boris Aardman and Prof. Richard Badenoch, actor Jasmin Chalmers, and Furry Rights activist Tailz.

-Anthea Johnston

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