Imitation Treatments

A slew of Imitation Longevity Treatments came onto the black market almost as soon as Eternity.8 was released for sale. Online stores began offering 'X-Ray Diffusion' devices to detect Active Ingredients.

In Australia so far, none of the Imitation Treatments have received approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, finding that many of the Imitation Treatments sold for up to 75% of the cost of the genuine article were little more than coloured water with extracts of guarana and vitamins; while others were a concoction of psyllium husks and testosterone.

Controversial corporation Ruttergate Genetics, have recently sought TGA approval to sell 'the latest generation of Longevity Treatment' in Australia, from their new Thai headquarters. Their press releases indicate that their treatment has had a beneficial effect on subjects aged up to 60 years. A decision by the TGA is pending, and as a result, mortals who are unable to afford Eternity.8, have been travelling to Thailand for weekend treatments.

-Anthea Johnston

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