Inequities of Longer Worker Lives

The phrase is originally derived from research studies of Pacific Islander worker communities coerced into age retarding treatments to prolong their productive lifespan. Sociologists Carle Jovian and Fatima Kella built their careers on debating the pros and cons of such practices with little effect on the lives of the people involved. Meanwhile the practice they are concerned with continues unaffected, neither condoned nor sanctioned by any real world authority. The nearness of this debate has lead to a sarcastic attitude toward academic rivalry in studies of Eternalist issues - particularly when the antagonists have undergone Eternity·8 treatment themselves. The notion that what seems to be little more than petty bickering, serving only to justify their academic salaries, can now be prolonged indefinitely appears to be a vast inequity thrust upon the rest of humanity. As Adam Zero said, "not even death can be expected to save us from these bozos".

- Glenn Carlisle


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