***ATG225/63.01 - Pentagon General Briefing
Memo MilAssessInt: Fort Baker (Col. G Travers USRLC)

Attachments: Compilation of field asset analysis (North Africa, Middle-East, Central America, Central and South-East Asia) - 2061-2065 - Operational references redacted - 1296 pages.

Summary: The situation in less-developed states has deteriorated in the past two decades. Infection rates for preventable medical conditions approach ubiquity in several operational theatres, most notably Bolivia and every state bordering the so-called Caliphate of New Kalimantan. Efforts to render humanitarian assistance are stymied by increased banditry and civil unrest. Ground observations are limited due to high risk of exposure, general toxicity and extreme likelihood of violence directed towards anyone of Western nationality, appearance of wealth or wellbeing or those suspected of artificial genetic enhancement.

Projection: Long-term projections indicate probability in excess of 90% of severe disruptions to US foreign policy and business interests within 10 years generated by mass transboundary displacement and driven by hunger, escape from civil conflict and desire for affordable medical treatment cf Neo-Malthusian Events.

1) Infiltrate a range of pre-migrational organisations
2) Refined approach to Pentagon-generated statements (Handwritten comment: We need an Asta Graber of our own).
*** Ends

Classified document published on the Military Leaks commentary node on 23 August 2069
- Caleb Wentner

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