Infidels, the

"One without faith”; a term often applied to the Other in religious conflicts; a member of a theothanatos group.

The term “infidel” has long been a pejorative slur applied to one's religious enemies, most notoriously used by Muslim combatants to describe all non-Muslims during the religious conflict at the start of the 21st century.

In 2040, the term was picked up by the radical atheist group The Darwinists. After their 2043 assassination of Pope Felix Innocent VI, the term expanded to refer to all terrorists involved in the wave of theothanatos killings that have occurred over the last thirty years.

Prominent atheists, such as the grey-lived Professor Richard Dawkins, have disavowed any connection to the theothanatos killings. Banal media, such as Zero Hour, have described the infidels as Eternalists, something that is alleged to have increased the number of hate crimes perpetuated against Eternalists in recent years.

Zoran Cephalus

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