Chalmers, Jasmin

Jasmin Indira Chalmers (b. 12 August 2020) is a film actor and director. Shooting to the peaks of popular stardom at the age of 19 in Boris Shelton's 2040 classic Lunge and Recovery, she was among the earliest adopters of Eternity.8, leveraging her newfound wealth to undergo the then-cutting edge Valley-Miniver Treatment some three months prior to its legalisation by act of the UK Parliament.

She has since starred in over fifty feature-length films, many of them with overt or subtextual pro-Eternalist themes, from light-hearted fare such as See You in Ten and Oliver's Dynasties to more serious works, including One Hour in Germany and Kamal Azzarhudin's Goodbye and Other Lies. After enjoying almost twenty years of unbroken popularity, she turned her hand to directing, helming 2061's morally ambiguous and graphically violent masterpieceThe Millennial Party.

Despite a brief period of industry marginalisation in her native England following her participation in the controversial docudrama Peter and Wendy, which was widely interpreted as advocating infant age-retardism, Chalmers' popularity remains undiminished and her influence on modern cinema is virtually unparalleled.

- Caleb Wentner

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