Environmental activism broadened it's agenda during the global warming hysteria at the beginning of the 21st century giving rise to groups focused on particular issues affecting the development of the planet. Age retardation received the attention of Jericho, an organisation promoting population reduction methods from compulsory birth control to euthanasia. Employing tactics such as arson attacks on pro-life family planning clinics, distributing assisted suicide kits in hotel rooms, and doping municipal water supplies, Jericho is curiously most famous for the courtroom victory of Eve Fromelles which closed multinational conglomerate Ruttergate Genetics production plants in 2042 for intellectual property rights violations; and again in 2048 for illegal cloning research; and 2054 for failing to honour upgrading warranties; and the current action in progress with respect to Ruttergate Genetics' latest generation of longevity treatment.

- Glenn Carlisle


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