The Caliphate of New Kalimantan

In 2019 Al-Muhtadee Billah, the 30th Sultan of Brunei, acquired the island of Borneo from the Indonesian and Malaysian governments under the "Oil for Islam" scheme. In 2021, by a unanimous executive order, the inaugural Council of Grand Muftis declared him Sacred Lord. The Sultan immediately abdicated his throne without an heir, thus establishing The Caliphate of New Kalimantan as an Islamic theocracy ruled by himself as the worldwide leader of Islam.
With astounding foresight, or just amazing good luck, Kalimantan was in a position to take enormous advantage from the earliest Eternity·8 treatments and avoid the international controversey stemming from the later actions of other powerful Eternalists. Since commencing a national treatment program for their able-bodied population in 2069, Kalimantan has been implicated in pro-death activism throughout South East Asia, Australia, Japan and futher afield.

- Glenn Carlisle


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